10 Famous People Who Were Adopted


Celebrities are no strangers to adoption, and it’s great to see that many of them want to provide a loving home to orphaned children. On the other hand, some Hollywood stars have been adopted themselves, either by other family members or non-relatives. Here are 10 famous people who were adopted.

Steve Jobs

The co-founder of Apple was born in San Francisco to Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah John Jandali, who put him up for adoption at birth. He was adopted by Clara, an accountant, and her husband, Paul Jobs, a machinist, and the family lived in Mountain View, California, within the area that would later become known as Silicon Valley. At the age of 27, the famous innovator tracked his family history and discovered that his parents wed and had a daughter, Mona Simpson. Jobs met his sister and reportedly had a close relationship with her.


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