10 Stars Who Dislike The Kardashians


They have their own reality show – and its spin-offs, clothing, makeup and hair extension lines, apps and millions of fans around the world. The Kardashians have been in the spotlight since 2007 – courtesy of┬áKim’s infamous sex tape – and the reality TV’s most talked-about family is showing no signs of taking a break any time soon. Despite their enormous media presence and global influence, some celebrities are simply not impressed with anything Kardashian-related. Here are 10 stars who dislike the Kardashians.

Joel McHale

Even though McHale and the famous reality family both have their shows running on E!, the actor and comedian can be seen making fun of the Kardashians regularly on ‘The Soup’. Despite the fact he is not supposed to talk about them on his show – as per their network’s request – the ‘Community’ star is taking any chance he can get to mock Kim Kardashian – and the rest of the clan.


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