15 of the Most Dangerous Places to Travel in the World


A few decades back, only the elite few can afford to travel practically halfway around the world to take a leisurely vacation. Today, airfare has become cheaper along with accommodations, so you can easily backpack your way to your bucket list destinations. You can quickly book your flights online, plan your itinerary, look for accommodations and virtually iron out all the details about your trip.

With vast information on hand, the one thing that you should not forget searching for is the safety of the place. If you are visiting a South American country, for example, is there no travel warning issued by the government? If there is, you might want to think twice about even going there.

Underdeveloped countries where poverty is a problem, cities where there is political unrest, or even just areas which are not necessarily tourist-friendly – all these make for a dangerous place to travel. Before packing your bags, make sure that your destination is not included in our list of the top 15 most dangerous places to travel in the world:

1. Caracas, Venezuela

Source: http://edu-geography.com/

Source: http://edu-geography.com/

Caracas is the largest and one of the most dangerous cities in Venezuela. Under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, the country, which was already struggling to begin with, is in deep economic trouble. Gang violence and drug problems are rampant. In 2015, reports indicate that more than 24,000 people were killed. If you are going on a tour of South America, you might want to skip Caracas.


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