16 Cute Kids Who Turned Out to be Hated as Adults


The photos of men and women as cute kids are always a delight to look at. Baby photos show how cuddly they are; toddler photos depict a child’s total innocence; while snapshots of a kid walking around can already show a hint of his or her personality

Looking at the following photos, however, you might be surprised at how the supposedly cute, innocent, and adorable kid turned out to be one of the most hated people in the world as adults.

Check out our list of the cutest baby photos of adults who apparently became the most hated personalities in the world.


Source: http://offbeat.topix.com/

Do not let the innocence of this child fool you. Despite the adorable box haircut and the chubby cheeks, the boy grew up to be one of the most loathed individuals in history.


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