A Terminally Ill Man From The UK Announced His Death And Funeral On LinkedIn

A terminally ill man from Surrey, United Kingdom, has announced the date of his death on LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking service. Simon Binner – a 57-year-old company director – is planning to end his life at a clinic in Switzerland on Monday.


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Binner plans to die in the Eternal Spirit clinic in Basel on Monday, following his diagnosis of terminal Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in January 2015. The rare condition affects motor neurons, the cells that control voluntary muscle activity including speaking, walking, swallowing, and general movement of the body. There is no known cure.


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In the LinkedIn announcement, Binner wrote: “My MND accelerated very rapidly. The sawbones initially thought I would last until 2017/2018, but they were mistaken – no worries, it’s an inexact science!” In the same post, the businessman added that there is “nothing positive” to say about his disease, and that his funeral will be held on November 13.


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In a collection of videos posted on Facebook, Binner criticized the UK law preventing assisted suicide, calling it “nonsense”. Meanwhile, his wife of 14 years, Debbie Binner said that her husband’s condition was like “waking up to a nightmare every day”.


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Mrs. Binner added that it would be “more compassionate and a lot more gentle for everybody involved”, if “you could wake up and say, ‘today is the day that I don’t want to go on'” and be allowed to carry out those wishes at home. The family started campaigning for changes to medical law in 2013 after Chloë Drury – Binner’s step-daughter – died from a rare form of bone cancer just one month after her 18th birthday.

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