Abandoned Baby Fox Loves Snuggling Up To His Stuffed Rabbit

Meet Puggle.

The baby fox was just two weeks old when he was found abandoned in a north London back garden on March 15. It has been reported that the cub was left behind by his family, and he was taken to the National Fox Welfare Society, where they nursed him back to health.

Baby fox loves his toy bunny rabbit Credit: Facebook/National Fox Welfare Society

Photo credit: metro.co.uk

While there, Puggle was feeling a bit lonely without his fox family, so his foster parents Carolyn and Shane gave him someone to keep him company: an old stuffed rabbit. The adorable duo are now never apart, and Puggle’s carer, Martin Hemmington, says that the tiny cub takes his new best friend with him “absolutely everywhere”.


Photo credit: mashable.com

The National Fox Welfare Society explains: “Puggle has a love hate relationship with it. When he is tired, he loves to snuggle up to the rabbit, but after eating and full of play, he likes to shake the rabbit and throw it around.” The baby fox will be staying at the NFWS for a few more months, and by the summer, Puggle will be strong enough to venture back into the wild.


Photo credit: oddpad.com

A spokesperson for the NFWS said that they will ‘soft release’ Puggle with a group of other orphaned foxes, and added: “Through soft release the cubs will, as is the case for natural wild fox cubs eventually disperse in search of a territory and a mate of their own. So everything is done to try to make the release program as natural as possible and to mirror what would be happening in the wild in the same period.”

Good luck, little one!

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