Creepy Ghost Towns You Need To See


Ghost towns are spooky and mysterious. There are many ghost towns located all throughout the world, which may have a dark past or have become deserted. Some of the most eerie ghost towns include deserted mining villages, creepy doll tributes to the dead, a nuclear explosive site and a village becoming submerged by sand. Keep reading to see what ghost towns you need to visit!

Hashima Island, Japan

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If you are looking for somewhere spooky to visit you may want to check out Hashima Island in Japan. Hashima Island at one time was the most densely populated place on earth. The island was initially a coal-mining town in which Korean and Chinese slaves were forced to mine 1000 meters below sea level. This dangerous work lead caused many miners to be injured and die. This is part of the tragic legacy that Hashima Island is known for. In 1974, the coal reserves were almost empty which lead the island to be evacuated by residents as there was no work. The island showcases a period of rapid industrialization in Japan, but also holds dark secrets.

Public interest in Hashima Island has made it a tourist destination since 2009. If you are looking to take a trip to the island you can take a guided boat trip by one of the five boat operators. The rough waters make the island difficult to visit, but once you arrive, you will see that the island is now completely abandoned. The island appears to be something out of an apocalypse movie because of it is so empty and quiet. You can find deserted homes, buildings, schools and even a movie theatre completely vacant. These buildings have been relatively untouched since 1974. Not only will you see the abandon buildings, but you will also find clothing, appliances, school materials and more that were left behind.

If you are looking for more information about Hashima Island there are a few documentaries and television shows that have focused on its history including History Channel’s Life After People and Science Channel’s What On Earth. The island has also been featured in popular films including Skyfall and Attack on Titan.

Hashima Island is the place to go if you are looking for a ghost town to visit that is full of history and dark secrets.

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