Creepy Ghost Towns You Need To See

Shakespeare, New Mexico

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If you are looking for an authentic and creepy ghost town to visit you have to go to Shakespeare, New Mexico. Shakespeare has a crazy history that is difficult to believe because it had no laws for the citizens to abide by. This allowed for dangerous behavior including street gunfights and cannon firings to take place often. The only rule that Shakespeare really had was that if you were to kill someone you would have to dig the grave yourself. Digging a grave is a lot of hard work, as is burying a body, so this rule helped to steer people away from killing others. In the past, people in Shakespeare got away with lots of seedy, violent and dangerous behavior because they were just trying to survive.


The gold and silver rush took place in Shakespeare in 1879. This lead to a healthy economy and many people moved to Shakespeare so that they could work in the mines. Less than fifteen years later in 1893 the depression hit. The mines were closed and the residents of Shakespeare soon found themselves unemployed and moving to find new work. This led to the town being nearly deserted. In 1907, a new copper mine was created less than 5 miles away from Shakespeare. Many believe that this angered the ghosts of the old residents of Shakespeare causing them to relentlessly haunt the new residents. Stories and legends of the ghosts of old residents terrorizing new residents continue today, with many people claiming to have seen or heard ghost-like figures while in Shakespeare.  

Shakespeare became a National Historic Site in 1970. It is cared for and preserved so that tourists can enjoy the ghost town that once was. Keep in mind when you visit that Shakespeare’s original caretakers are buried at the top of the main hill to watch over guests when they attend, so you should be on your best behavior.

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