Creepy Ghost Towns You Need To See

Chernobyl, Ukraine

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Chernobyl is a ghost town that was vacated because of a nuclear power plant disaster. You may have heard about Chernobyl disaster before in history books or films. Chernobyl is most well-known for the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant disaster that happened in April, 1986. Chernobyl was evacuated due to this disaster which first caused an explosion and fire. This released huge quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere. These radioactive particles were spread throughout much of the Europe and the western USSR. The remains of the No.4 reactor building was enclosed by a radiation shield by December, 1986. People had to flee to get away from these harmful toxins. These toxins have been linked to various diseases including acute radiation sickness, cancers (especially thyroid cancer), chronic illnesses, radiation injury, birth defects and more. The long-lasting effects of these harmful toxins are not completely known, as new health effects are discovered still today.


This tragic accident made Chernobyl more or less a ghost town, with very few people choosing to reside there. The population of Chernobyl is roughly 700 people who live in the desolate area. The city is often visited by tourists looking to see the nuclear ruins and the aftermath of the disaster. The few residents that still live in the city have had to put signs up in their homes to notify residents that they still live. This is to prevent tourists from walking into their homes because they think that they are vacant.

There are many documentaries and movies that explore the nuclear disaster that occurred in Chernobyl including Inside Chernobyl, The Battle of Chernobyl, Chernobyl Heart, Surviving Disaster and more. These films will give you greater insight of what Chernobyl was like prior to the disaster and how the city is now nothing but a ghost town, and a reminder of scary history. Other than its few residents, Chernobyl is basically a complete ghost town that is only visited by tourists. Chernobyl is now home to offices for the State Agency of Ukraine, but other than that the city is deserted.  

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