Entrepreneurs Who Hit It Big After the Age of 30


Mark Zuckerberg was only 28 when Facebook, the site he built with college roommates, reached one billion users. Today, he’s 31 years old and his net worth is $46 billion. Martha Stewart, on the other hand, only earned her first million when she turned 40 years old.

Although there are many under-30 entrepreneurs today who built start-up companies which are already worth millions, there are also those who accomplished practically nothing when they hit the big 3-0. After that, however, is when the magic happened. Check out our top list of entrepreneurs who hit it big after the age of 30.

1. Ariana Huffington

Source: http://www.lolwot.com/

Source: http://www.lolwot.com/

If you’re already in your mid-30s, 40s or even 50s, it is never too late to start your own business – and hit the jackpot. Ariana Huffington was not necessarily a virtual unknown when she founded The Huffington Post. In 1994, her husband Michael Huffington ran for senator, which is when she started appearing in the public eye. She’s also a political commentator and an author. She was already 55 when she founded The Huffington Post, where she enjoyed enormous success. When Huffington turned 61, she sold the site to AOL for a humongous $300 million.


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