Famous YouTuber Went Snowboarding Through New York During The Blizzard

While many New Yorkers stayed inside their homes, taking refuge from the record-setting snowstorm, one man decided to go snowboarding through the streets of the Big Apple. As a recently uploaded video shows, Casey Neistat, a 34-year-old filmmaker and YouTuber, made the snow-covered streets his own!

On Sunday, Neistat uploaded the nearly 3-minute YouTube video showing him and a friend pulled by a Jeep through Times Square and other parts of the city during the first major blizzard of 2016. The famous thrill-seeker filmed the clip after Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a travel ban in the afternoon.


Photo credit: www.techinsider.io

Neistat said that he perceives New York City as a “character” in the video that he makes, and added: “It was a lot of fun. We were the only cars on the streets, and there was more snow than we could handle. It seemed too opportune to pass up.” At the end of the video, the popular YouTuber and his crew are pulled over by police, but Neistat insists they were great and allowed them to continue.


Photo credit: metro.co.uk

The video of the snowboarding expedition went viral, and now has more than 5 million views. Over the weekend, New York saw the second highest snowfall since records began in 1869.

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