Little Boy Empties His Piggy Bank To Help His Teacher Fight Cancer


An amazing little boy decided to empty his piggy bank and donate all his money to a preschool teacher battling cancer. When Camden Hand – of Tallahassee, Florida – heard that a teacher at his school had been diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago, he knew he wanted to help her out.


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The 4-year-old boy showed up at school with his donation – a little over 100 dollars – in a ziplock bag. Following her diagnosis, Betty Payne – a teacher at Good Samaritan Academy – began receiving chemotherapy treatments several times a week.


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The school and parents have been raising money for Payne, and the funds are supposed to help her with the costs of chemotherapy, which is up to $700 per visit. During one of the teacher’s treatments, she received a picture of Camden holding the money.


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Payne said: “I couldn’t do nothing but cry to be honest with you. I actually cried because, I mean, I don’t know. It’s just a feeling that I can’t explain. I just cried.” Meanwhile, the thoughtful little boy’s mom, Christie Hand, said that emptying out his piggy bank was all Camden’s idea.

Hand added: “We were already proud of him. That made us so very proud of him. Kind of that proud parent moment when your heart just sort of swells.”

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