Mom Buys Coffee For Two Women Who Body-Shamed Her At Tim Horton’s

Be kind, always.

A mom from Burtchville Township, Michigan, set the best possible example of kindness for her daughter when she decided to buy coffee for her bullies. Dianne Hoffmeyer was at her local Tim Horton’s in Fort Gratiot on Monday with her 22-month-old daughter, getting a cup of coffee and some doughnut holes.

The 41-year-old woman was in line, waiting for her order, when she overheard two women behind her commenting on her appearance. Hoffmeyer said that the women called her a “whale”, and also made comments about her hair.


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The mom-of-three started to cry because she was deeply hurt by their comments. But instead of retaliating, Hoffmeyer decided to pay it forward by paying for the body-shamers’ coffee, leaving both them and the cashier at the Tim Horton’s speechless.


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What the women didn’t know, was that Hoffmeyer recently had dropped 177 pounds, after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure while she was pregnant with her daughter Lily. She decided to take the phrase “kill them with kindness” to heart because of her children.


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The busy mom said that her youngest daughter is her mini-me, and that she mimics everything Hoffmeyer does. She explained that she wanted to do the right thing so when her daughter is old enough, she’ll know the right thing to do.


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Following the encounter, Hoffmeyer wrote about her experience in a Facebook post. Her story has been liked over 200,000 times, and she has received at least 94,000 friend requests and hundreds of messages from all over the world.

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