Playboy Magazine Will No Longer Publish Photos Of Naked Women

On Monday, Playboy magazine’s chief executive has revealed that the company will stop publishing pictures of naked women because the ubiquity of online pornography has made such photos “passé”. Scott Flanders – the CEO of Playboy – said that founder Hugh Hefner had agreed with an idea to stop publishing images of naked women as of March 2016.


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The famous magazine will still feature a Playmate of the Month and provocative pictures of women, but they will reportedly be rated PG-13. The upcoming redesign – which aims to rebuild an audience that has been shrinking for the last couple of decades – will hopefully make Playboy more modern.


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Soon enough, Playboy will also include a sex column, investigative journalism, and will be focused on young professional men who have grown up getting their porn online for free. In 2014, the magazine relaunched its website without nudity, which resulted in younger readers and a 250% spike in traffic.


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Hollywood superstar Marilyn Monroe was on the first cover of the magazine in 1953, and since then, Playboy has touted itself as a “tastemaker, an arbiter of style, and a vanguard for political, sexual and economic freedom.” Its highest circulation was in 1972 – at more than 7 million – but the numbers have dropped significantly since then, and at the end of last year, the magazine’s circulation was just over 1 million.

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