Richest Musicians


Even musicians who are one-hit wonders can make tons of money off one hit single. Can you imagine how much more musicians can earn once they’ve established a solid career in the industry? Producers and song writers with hit songs can earn a lot from the albums they make. Singers, songwriters, and those who are a combination of both earn money not just off the songs they make, but also from personal or television appearances, endorsements, and practically turning their names into a brand.

Not every artist gets lucky, however, in making millions off their career in the music industry. It takes a sheer amount of hard work, a combination of luck and right timing, as well as following the latest trends in music to build a really solid career. From rock stars to musical theatre icons, here are the richest musicians in the industry today:

Andrew Lloyd Webber



Now 67, Andrew Lloyd Webber is a graduate of the Westminster School Royal College of Music. He’s considered as an impresario of musical theatre and some of his biggest hits in Broadway and West End are The Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar and Cats. He put up the Webber’s Really Useful Group in 1977 which virtually adds up all of the earnings of his previous works in any form – making him reach the $1.2 billion mark in net worth!


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