Teacher Brings Her Godzilla-Clad Son To Class

Meet Erika Biga Lee. 

Earlier this week, the teacher at the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University brought her son, Max, to one of her classes. And the 7-year-old – who is off for spring break – decided to make his visit a memorable one: by dressing up in a Godzilla costume.


Photo credit: www.mashable.com

Lee explains: “His school has parent-teacher conferences once a semester, and his dad works out of town, so he has to go with me to my university course that day.” As Max paraded around the class – much to the delight of students – undergrad instructor Nathaniel Ferguson snapped some photos and shared them on Twitter. 

His post quickly went viral: it has been retweeted more than 83,000 times and garnered over 261,000 likes. Ferguson says: “Max is a big Godzilla fan. Last year for Halloween Max went as Godzilla and he has been in love with the costume ever since.”


Photo credit: www.babyology.com.au

As it turns out, Max has a thing for dressing up for his mother’s work. Last year, he visited Lee’s Web Design course dressed as an adorable T-Rex

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