Teens Invited An Older Woman To Join Them After She Said She Missed Going Out With Friends

Friendship goals.

A teenager from Canada took a selfie with an older woman during a night out, and the heartwarming story behind it is going viral. Recently, Mahri Smith and her friends went out to a nearby casino in Ottawa.

older woman

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At some point during the evening, they went to the bathroom to take some selfies. An older woman came up to the group and offered to take the photos for them. The 18-year-old says: “She was complimenting our clothes like a teenager talking to us.”

older woman

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The woman mentioned how much she missed dressing up to go out with her girlfriends when she was younger. Smith was so touched by her words, she asked the older woman to take photos with them. The teen said: “Why miss it, we are all out right now, aren’t we?”

According to Smith, the woman was there with her husband, and she talked to the girls a while longer before returning to her evening. The teen adds: “It was really nice. She just seemed like the nicest lady.” One of Smith’s friends, Melissa Lalonde, says: “We had an amazing girls’ night out and the lady was so nice, she was so happy to take pictures with us.” Unfortunately, they didn’t catch the older woman’s name.

older woman

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Smith posted the photos and the story behind them on Twitter, and people just couldn’t handle the emotions. Her post has been shared almost 80,000 times, and garnered over 260,000 likes.

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