This Father Of Four Girls Found Out His Wife Is Expecting A Boy – And Fainted

It’s a boy!

Julio Pena – of Mastic Beach, New York – and his wife, Kari, have four daughters together, so it’s safe to say he’s outnumbered in his household. Even though the 38-year-old loves being a father to Chastity, 16, Christalyn, 13, Nayalyn, 8, and Nakayla, 7, he has been hoping for a son too.


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So when Kari became pregnant with the couple’s fifth child, they had wanted the gender to be a surprise to them. The family’s doctor revealed the baby’s gender in a sealed envelope, and only their oldest daughter, Chastity, knew the sex.


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The 16-year-old was the one who ordered a cake with the blue icing, and on January 17, the entire family gathered for a gender reveal party. The couple finally cut into the cake, and needless to say, Pena was overwhelmed to see that it was indeed blue.


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The excited father went weak in the knees and sank to the floor. He said: “It was like I collapsed and fainted at the same time.” His wife added that they are overjoyed to welcome their son, who is due in June.


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