This Transgender Teen Was Elected Homecoming Queen In Missouri

Meet Landon Patterson.

On Saturday night, the 17-year-old transgender student was elected homecoming queen of her high school in Kansas City, Missouri. Patterson is a senior at Oak Park High School and she came out as transgender during her junior year.


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The teen said that when she came out as trans, she was afraid of negative comments and hate, but she received a surprisingly supportive reception instead. The Oak Park High School made history after the senior class nominated Patterson for homecoming queen.


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She explained that she had dreamed about being homecoming queen since her freshman year, but she never knew it was possible for her. Patterson said that she was happy that her peers felt so accepting of her, as well as excited about making history for the trans/LGBT community.


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Even though she spent most of her life identifying as a gay male, Patterson said that there’s always been something deeper inside her, and she felt incomplete. She finally realized that she is female, and decided to come out to her friends and family.


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The teen said that her message to other transgender kids at school is “do what will make you happy”, because life is too short. She added that confidence will take you a long way when you’re different, and it will let people know that you’re sure of yourself and that is a very hard thing to be.

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