Travel Photographer Jorge Saenz Adds Toy Dinosaurs To His Photos

A travel photographer has been adding toy dinosaurs to his photos in order to make each shot picture-perfect. Jorge Saenz – an Associated Press photographer who has lived in Paraguay the past two decades – started his epic travel #dinodinaseries two years ago, when he took a photo of a toy green Brachiosaurus, named Dino, in his living room.


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Saenz posted the photo to Instagram, and it turned out to be an instant hit. The 57-year-old photographer quickly realized that there was something very special about adding dinosaurs to his shots, so he decided to give Dino three new friends: Spiny the Spinosaurus, Dina the Stegosaurus and Brachy, a brown Brachiosaurus who also happens to be Dino’s girlfriend.


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Since his first post two years ago, Saenz has taken the toy dinosaurs – purchased at flea markets – on adventures all over Latin America, and they have been featured in all of his travel shots. He explained that the dinosaurs have their own personalities: Dino is ‘innocent’ and ‘talkative’, Dina is ‘instinctive’, Spiny has a ‘keen sense of irony’ and Brachy doesn’t always approve of her boyfriend Dino’s behavior.


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The travel series has drastically increased the photographer’s following on social media, and he is currently working on a book encouraging children to pursue art. Saenz is planning to continue the #dinodinaseries, and says: “Nobody can state that in some lonely place of the planet there can’t be some adapted dinosaur, waiting for his moment to appear.”

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