TV Station Surprises The Sikh Man Who Removed His Turban To Save A Boy


Harman Singh – a Sikh man from New Zealand – made headlines worldwide earlier this month when he went against the rules of his religion in order to save a boy’s life.

A photo of Singh removing his turban and helping an injured child who was bleeding after an accident quickly went viral.


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The accident happened on May 15, 2015 in Takanini, South Auckland. Daejon Pahia – a 6-year-old boy – was lying on the ground after being hit by a car.

The 22-year-old Singh rushed to help the bleeding child and while the paramedics were taking care of his wounds, the Sikh man removed his turban to support and cradle Pahia’s head.


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Singh – who is an observant Sikh man – is required to wear a turban at all times, especially in public. The turban represents spirituality, piety and honor, and is used to protect the hair.

Following his great deed, and after the photo of it was shared online, the New Zealand-based OneNews decided to talk to Singh at his home. After the interview, many viewers called in and expressed their concerns regarding the young man’s apartment, which had just a couple of plastic chairs and a mattress.

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The TV station went back for a second interview with the Sikh man, and this time around they had a little surprise for him.

OneNews teamed up with a local furniture shop and they presented Singh – a business student – with a van full of furniture, including a brand new couch, a coffee table, chairs and a new bed.

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Singh – who is originally from India – was simply overwhelmed and started tearing up. He thanked everyone and called the act of generosity the “biggest surprise” of his life.

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