Wendy’s Trolled A Twitter User So Hard They Deactivated Their Account

Note to self: don’t mess with Wendy’s.

Last week, the popular fast food chain’s Twitter account shared a photo with the following caption: “Our beef is way too cool to ever be frozen.” The simple post would have probably been forgotten, were it not for a Twitter user named @NHride.


Photo credit: www.en.wikipedia.org

Wendy’s critic – who also goes by Thuggy-D – accused the company of using frozen beef and calling them a joke. The user wrote: “Your beef is frozen and we all know it. Y’all know we laugh at your slogan ‘fresh, never frozen’ right? Like you’re really a joke.”


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The chain restaurant replied politely, saying that they’ve been using fresh beef since 1969, but Thuggy-D kept firing back. And that’s when the social media manager in charge of Wendy’s account decided to go all out.


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When the Twitter user wrote: “Y’all should give up. @McDonalds got you guys beat with the dope ass breakfast”, the brand delivered this final, perfect burn: “You don’t have to bring them into this just because you forgot refrigerators existed for a second there.”


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Ouch. Soon enough, Thuggy-D deleted the account, but not before the exchange was screengrabbed by Twitter user @Fraxtil, who tweeted it out. The post has been retweeted more than 23,000 times and garnered over 43,000 likes since January 2.

Never change, Wendy’s.

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